Other Writings



Literary Obituary by Rena Gill, originally appearing in Communications from the International Brecht Society, Vol. 38, 2009.



Nuovo Teatro Americano, 1968-1973 (Bulzoni Editore), 1974

The Theatre of Visions: Robert Wilson (Suhrkamp, 1978)

Stefan Brecht: Poems (City Lights, 1978)

Queer Theatre (Suhrkamp, 1978)

Gedichte (Aufbau-Verlag, 1981)

Bread and Puppet Theatre (1988)

8th Avenue (2006) (Poems)

8th Avenue, onestar press, Paris (2006)


Articles (incomplete list)

“Sun Ra”, in Evergreen Review, No. 54, May 1968, pp. 88-89

“On Grotowski: A Series of Critiques”, S. Brecht, PL Feldman, DM Kaplan, J Kott….,

in Drama Review:TDR, 1970

“LeRoi Jones’ ‘Slave Ship’”, in The Drama Review: TDR, 1970

“Revolution at the Brooklyn Academy of Music”, in The Drama Review: TDR, 1969

“Family of the fp: Notes on the Theatre of the Ricidulous”, in The Drama Review: TDR, 1968

“Dionysus in 69”, from Euripides’ ‘The Bacchae’”, in The Drama Review: TDR, 1969

“The Conquest of the Universe”, in The Drama Review: TDR, 1968

“Peter Schumann’s Bread & Puppet Theatre: Children & Puppets; Masks; The Cry of

the People for Meat; Sacral Theatre; A Poor Theatre”, in The Drama Review: TDR, T47 Volume 14 Numbr 3:1970


Poems (incomplete list)

“In Memory: To Jean Genet”, in The Drama Review: TDR, 1968

“Paradiso: Lines from a New Translation”, in Studies in Medievalism, Vol. II No. 3: Summer 1983

“Momentariness”, in The Best American Poetry 1988, ed. John Ashbery

“Things falling”, in Brooklyn and the World, in Confrontation, No. 25-26: 1983

“Odd III”, in Frank, ed David Applefield, w. Edouard Roditi and Gregory

Masurovsky, Vol. 1 No. 3:Winter 1984

“Brecht’s Fourth in Nueva York”, in Exquisite Corpse, ed. Andrei Codrescu, Vol. 4

No. 11-12:Nov-Dec. 1986

“Considerations 1 – 5”, in Tyuonyi, ed. Phillip Foss, Vol. 4:1988

“Two untitled poems”, in Asylum, ed. Greg Boyd, Vol. 3 No. 2:Fall 1987



“Hegel in Frankreich”         an introduction to a thesis, written in German

“The Place of Nature in Hegel’s Philosophy”      thesis, Harvard 1959

“Why Miami”     finished manuscript, typewritten

manuscript, typewritten, in English, for a book which came out in translation in Italy in 1974, as Nuovo Teatro Americano 1968-1973.   Not published in English as a whole, although some parts appeared as articles in The Drama Review: TDR.

Francisco Goya’s Disparates     finished manuscript, typewritten

manuscript, unfinished, for book on Richard Foreman
including finished manuscript, New American Art, projected as part of the Foreman book

manuscript, unfinished, on Gertrude Stein’s writing style

writings toward books in the series, The Original Theatre of the City of New York, from the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies

a book of Xeroxes of photographs of the sidewalk pavings of 8th Avenue, with poems
superimposed; made in the mid-1980s as a mock-up of the projected 8th Avenue Poems,

later published as two books (of photos, and of poems) in 2006.  This Xeroxed book was exhibited in “Mixed Use, Manhattan”, curated by Lynn Cooke and Douglas Crimp, at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, June 2010.